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Here’s a one time 40% discount on two albums for purchasing my latest album “Live @ Bluesberry Cafe”.

It’s Johnny here to thank you for ordering my latest album. Since you have been kind enough to support me by picking up the album, I wanted to give you a rare 40% off discount on two of my other albums

As my way of saying THANK YOU for your support, I wanted to give you a chance to get a HUGE discount on two of my other albums. Since you ordered my latest album I want to give you a 40% off discount on my album, “Have Mercy On Me” and “Where Did It All Go”.  While normally this collection would sell for $25.98, you can get access to EVERYTHING for just $15.59 ($9.99 digital). That’s 18 tracks of mine for HALF OFF the normal price.

This album bundle features my first album “Have Mercy On Me” and also my unreleased country blues album, “Where Did It All Go”. Discover the country side to Johnny Riley in “Where Did It All Go”.

“Where Did It All Go” is a country blues album. This album has not been officially released and I don’t plan to anytime soon. This discount is the only way you can get this album right now. Have Mercy On Me is my first blues album.  It’s comprised of 12 tracks some of which you might already know like, “Have Mercy On Me” and my own version of the Son House classic, “Death Letter Blues”. If you liked either of those tracks that’s a pretty good indication of what you will hear in this album.

With the sound of a Southern US juke-box this music will transport you to a grungy backwoods juke-joint. Johnny Riley melds country, blues, and Southern rock into a perfect mix of rootsy Americana music. The relative simplicity of his melodies and rhythm makes his music a must have for any cross-country road trip down Route 66 or staying in with your favorite bottle of whiskey. If you are looking for more blues to add to a growing collection, you must get these two albums.

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