Crossroads Of My Life – Fan Review

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Are music reviews really that important? This is a question that I have considered for some time. In general it’s not fair to put some art into a category. And what about the reviewers own subjectivity. There’s no way of discerning that. Frankly speaking I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to […]

The Crossroads Are Very Real

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Johnny Riley on tour in Ireland 13-23 February 2019

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Follow Johnny Riley on his “Pub Crawl Tour 2019 “ in Ireland February 13th-23rd. “The Struggle Is Real Tour” will follow in the U.S.. 1st show at the 16th Annual Texas Steak Cook off, May 18th in Hico, Texas on the Main Stage. Contact us if you have any questions.

Live at the Historic Johnny Navaho Hogan’s in Colorado!

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LIVE!!! Johnny Riley will kick off the Show. At the Historic Johnny Navaho Hogan’s. On Nov 3,2018 in Colorado Springs, Colorado at 9 PM – 1 AM MDT. If you have any questions about tickets or the show just leave a comment. Thanks!            

Johnny Riley at BB King Pro Jam!

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Watch Johnny Riley perform at the ProJam in B.B. King’s Club Ebony, Indianola, Mississippi after the B.B. King Day Symposium.

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