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Live @ Bluesberry Cafe has received an ALBUM OF THE YEAR nomination from Indie Shark Magazine. “You don’t have to know Johnny Riley personally to pick up on the fact that he lives and breathes the blues, it’s more than apparent how emotionally tethered he is to every note pouring out of the speakers. The passion runs high in all thirteen of the tracks found here, and whether you’re a big blues fan or not, a few of them are almost guaranteed to get you swinging”.

“Live At the Bluesberry Café features some of the best swing I’ve heard on any record – blues or otherwise”. Whether you’re a hardcore blues addict or a casual fan of the genre, this is exactly the kind of record that this year needed to conclude on an upbeat note.

My segment begins at the 103:10 mark.

Here’s a free download of “Erase The Pages” from Live @ Bluesberry Cafe.

Learn more about Live @ Bluesberry Cafe.

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