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Live @ Bluesberry Cafe is without a doubt Johnny Riley’s best album to date. In this album you will find everything you ever wanted in a blues album. From special guest Watermelon Slim’s bone-chilling field holler to Johnny Riley’s soulful voice, and earthy guitar – there’s a song for everyone on this album.

Special guest Watermelon Slim unfurls poetry seamlessly in “Holler Pt. 1” and it’s counterpart “Holler Pt. 2” as he demonstrates his bone chilling field holler in these two tracks. The tracks paint a picture of a life-of-hard-grueling-work in the sun on a plantation in Southern Mississippi. This is reason enough to buy this album.

The second track in the collection is, “Ain’t That A Shame (But That’s The Blues”). It’s a song about child abuse the singer experienced growing up. It’s raw, earthy and will have your spine tingling.

On The third track Johnny sings, “She Don’t Call Me Baby No More”. It’s about a young Veteran that returns home to find that the woman he loves left him for another.

“Johnny’s Boogie” starts out with a hearty swing and a vibrant, string-born melody to grab our attention right out of the gate”.

I could go on and on. “Live At the Bluesberry Café features some of the best swing I’ve heard on any record – blues or otherwise”. Whether you’re a hardcore blues addict or a casual fan of the genre, this is exactly the kind of record that this year needed to conclude on an upbeat note. Included in this 30% discount is TWO unreleased Bonus tracks. You cannot get these two tracks unless you order within 72 hours.

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