“With the sound of a Southern US juke-box, Johnny Riley’s music will transport you to a rundown juke-joint in the middle of nowhere”.

…and now you can download two of Johnny Riley’s singles free!

Here`s what others are saying about Johnny Riley!

“The album is one of the finest I have ever heard, the music is great and Johnny’s voice is as good as the super stars”! – Phil Thickpenny

“Very entertaining, a true and authentic Country Blues Artist, and a student of Americana” – Camille Ellington

“Blues/Rockin Country, No matter what box u put it in, JOHNNY RILEY will Kick it open and ROCK YOU” – Sean Ericson

“You don’t have to know Johnny Riley personally to pick up on the fact that he lives and breathes the blues, it’s more than apparent how emotionally tethered he is to every note pouring out of the speakers. The passion runs high in these two tracks Johnny is giving away here, and whether you’re a big blues fan or not, they are almost guaranteed to get you swinging”..

Johnny Riley melds country, blues, and Southern rock into a perfect mix of rootsy Americana music. The relative simplicity of his melodies and rhythm makes this album a must have for any cross-country road trip down Route 66 or staying in with your favorite bottle of whiskey.

Live @ Bluesberry Cafe has received an ALBUM OF THE YEAR nomination from Indie Shark Magazine. For a limited time Johnny is giving away two FREE songs from the album. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site (further down below for mobile) and you will be sent the download link to the free tracks.

So if you`ve spent your year listening to, well, something other than “rootsy blues music,” and you would like to catch up on what you`ve been missing, enter your name and email address now.