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“Crossroads Of My Life” is the latest release for Texas bluesman Johnny Riley.



Crossroads Of My Life

“Johnny Riley covers all the bases. Performing blues, country, outlaw blues, rock and contemporary blues. He performs high energy shows from a catalog of highly acclaimed original music. Although his roots are near the crossroads where Robert Johnson allegedly cut a deal with the devil, Johnny Riley did not make a deal of that sort to acquire his soulful delivery of the blues. He venerates the blues masters of the past but is eagerly making his own statement. Inspired by the music they created he adds his own style with the intensity and directness of a seasoned blues artist. He tells stories with his solos, channeling the spirits of all the past masters while the music he makes is his own.”

Johnny Riley brings together roadhouse blues with the style and intensity of a blues rock star. With one foot firmly placed in the past he moves forward with his own unique style. His music will transport you to a run down juke joint in the middle of nowhere while giving you the impression that this is something new. The music is sure to satisfy the taste of the blues rockers as well as the purists.


The Core Musicians:

  • Johnny Riley (vocals, harp and rhythm guitar)
  • Mike Lowrimore (Hammond B3)
  • Bill Marshall (drums)
  • Evan Leake (lead guitar, co-producer)
  • J C Roberts (Bass, co-producer)
  • Barry Kemp (co-producer)


The Netherlands Radio Zuidplas says “Upon hearing the fantastic voice of Johnny Riley it is the clear, this singer is born for the blues. What a crushing impression the voice makes. The album ‘Crossroads Of My Life ‘ let’s us hear how a blues album is supposed to sound like. The texts have content, are sung with conviction and the band is in great shape. Impressive are the numbers ‘ No Letter Blues “and” John The Revelator ” are both very personal in nature, ‘ No Letter Blues “is about how the singer was abandoned by his wife while ‘ John The Revelator is an ode to his parents. In all ways, this is a great album.” –Rudolf van der Ree -Netherlands

Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro Blues Editor @ Keeping The Blues Alive Award Recipient says in his review of the CD – “From every note sung, to every note played and from the production process, to the recording process, “Crossroads Of My Life” is a masterpiece. The song is sung with such conviction; The lyrics tell a compelling story; The tone from every instrument is perfect and every one of those instruments can be perfectly heard throughout the track; Kudos to Johnny Riley (vocals, harp and rhythm guitar); Mike Lowrimore (Hammond B3); Bill Marshall (drums); Evan Leake (lead guitar, co-producer); J C Roberts (Bass, co-producer); and Barry Kemp (co-producer); collectively, you guys were genius on this “song of the year” caliber project.”

Click the order button below and get yourself copy of Johnny Riley`s album “CROSSROADS OF MY LIFE” because as one reviewer put it, “Crossroads Of My Life lets us hear how a blues album is supposed to sound like”.

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