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….”From every note sung, to every note played, and from the production process, to the recording process, “Crossroads Of My Life,” is a masterpiece”.


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“Johnny Riley is a Southern US jukebox, melding roots music as well as capable of playing single genre country, blues, gospel, or bluegrass. With his Father from Texas, and his Mother, Clarksdale born and bred, his roots are deep. Johnny is a guitarist/singer and neither talent is playing catch up. Johnny Riley’s music is well written, strident and he isn’t pussy footing. The deal is real with this Texan straight shooter”.

Johnny Riley melds country, blues, and Southern rock into a perfect mix of rootsy Americana music. The relative simplicity of his melodies and rhythm makes this album a must have for any cross-country road trip down Route 66 or staying in with your favorite bottle of whiskey.

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