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I’ve already told you my story about how the blues saved my life. Now I want to hear how the blues has helped you. Tell me an experience you had where the blues had a big impact on your life. Maybe you lost a loved one or you ran into a financial crisis.

It doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Tell a story about how you first came to love the blues.
I would love to hear your story.

If you haven’t read my blog post about how the blues helped me with my PTSD you can do so right here.

Here’s some stories from our fans:

Thanks Johnny Riley. My soul needed this. I just lost a long time life friend of 32 years. She was my Blues buddy. Your music filled an empty spot and eased the grieving. I’ll most definitely be listening to more of your music! Thanks again❤ – Deb

Like you and many others have stated already, Blues is your prescription to help battle your PTSD. Keep taking it brother because it’s working. I believe that nothing can stop us when we put our mind and especially our soul into accomplishing any task. Only GOD knows what we can handle and he never burdens us with more than we can. Personally I fell 32 feet off a roof back on 26 Nov 1997. Breaking my back in two places and exploding both of my heels ( I landed on my feet ). I have undergone 39 surgeries since then culminating in losing my left leg below the knee on 18 Jan 2018 to stop the agonizing pain I my ankle. I’ve learned to deal with the pain in many different ways, mostly by telling myself “it’s mind over matter. I don’t have a mind so it don’t matter” lol. But like I said before GOD never gives us more than we can handle. Keep up the good fight. – Robert

I always loved rythem and blue temps four tops and so on , but when I went to our lacol blues society wow did I fall i9n love with the blues so much so that after a1year I became a director for the Santa Clarita Blues Society after three years of that I ran for vice president for the society it was work for free but we put on some great showes erery month and we had a couple of great blues festivals also became a lifetime member of the Ventura Blues Society and work their blues festivals as well all around great people with the blues –

I was also a hard drinker and user of ganga. It’s been more than 4 years since I’ve stopped the latter and I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to.
Because of those two things I now have a new love to care for and she has already changed me (diet wise) even more!
I’m not a writer of anything but instead a real honest to goodness fan of great music – especially the blues! Keep on rocking Johnny! – William

Lots of things change as a writer the older I got from my parents and my own kids.
I write what I’ve lived through things I’ve done bad and good.
I also write what others been through as well.
Writing became my therapy over the years and one day make song writing as my career – Scott

Hello from Granby, Québec, Canada.
I love blues and been listening since I was a young teen. Today I’m 71 and still got the blues in my heart, my soul, my life. Really your songs speak to me and I’m sure they do the same to all blues fans. Here in my town we have blues once a month in a small place at the Palace of Granby. We had last week a blues woman in the name of Barbara Diab. She opened the night with ”John the Revalator”. What a great song. Finally Johnny, I wish you all the possible luck in this music world. – Francois Gingras

I’m there now and I lost my wife may 8th 2018and loss everything that I had, can’t even afford to buy a car for I’m on social security and 1100$ doesn’t get you far,end result is 62 and back in my parents house they are in their 80s – Richard

The blues to me is a feeling that some may feel when others don’t, but when you get that feeling and it’s deep down inside it will take you back to to the time when you realized what soul searching really felt to you inside your heart and mind. BB King and Buddy Guy lead me to seek others to help that feeling inside, so then I found others to realize that I wasn’t the only man who hurts inside, the ones that I admired the most was my blues man Stevie Ray Vaughan that lead me to a man by the name of Frank Bangs and I knew for sure that I was a blues man. – Dave Cronk

Post your story below and let us know where you are from.


  • Pamela Young says:

    My husband introduced me to the blues! My 1st artist, was Stevie Ray Vaughn. I didn’t know who he was! I listened and fell in love! When I get down and want a pick me up I listen to the blues. The music tells stories and I love it! it makes me happy! I love different artists.
    I’ve been to a Buddy Guy and George Thorogood concert,and would love to see more blues concerts!
    The blues is now my happy place!

    • Johnny Riley says:

      So sorry for the late response. I’m a little backed up right now and trying to catch up. Thanks for sharing your story! Stevie Ray is a good introduction to the blues. He played some of the best Texas blues out there. Stay safe and god bless!

  • 17 girl left in a nasty way hurt really bad. Shot myself. Blues let me know it was ok to hurt. 68 now and when anything hurts…i play i play till the hurt is gone. I love rock blues style.

    • Johnny Riley says:

      I know the feeling. My first wife left me after two years after the wedding. It takes a long time to move on man. Playing and writing songs has really helped me to move on like you said. Thanks for sharing your story. Stay safe and God bless!

  • Andrea Clarke says:

    Hi. Thank you for this oppertunity. I have never told anyone this particular story before.
    When i was about 7 (in 1974 lol) a stepbrother i did not know i had…started to come to visit my Dad. He would show up late , usually long after i was in bed. But he would come and wake me up to sing songs from the radio to me. I loved him so much. He introduced me to the blues and it has set the tone for my musical tastes. But i find the blues touches a pkace in my soul that no other music does.

    • Johnny Riley says:

      Your welcome! I’ve been telling my story but I really wanted to hear my fans as well. That’s awesome. Sounds like he was a very special person in your life. My Uncle “Butch” showed me how to play guitar and we’d play the blues. No other music speaks to my soul like you said. Thank you for sharing your story. Reading your story made my day better, thank you!

      • Frank Stern says:

        Hello mr.Riley,
        The very first time i heard the blues was at a show in Anaheim , California. I was a PFC in the Marines (1970). There was papa john creech, john lee hooker, and albert king. I was 19. I was so into the whole concert that all i could think of was WOW these guys just blew the roof off the building. I was hooked. There is nothing in my opinion that can take your soul and make you feel like there is nothing but you and the blues in the world. It soothed my heart when my mother died and again when my son passed 5 years ago. People have asked me what is it with the blues, and i tell them, the blues will sooth your soul and ease your heart just listen to the music. Thanks brother for keeping this American music alive and well

        • Johnny Riley says:

          Thank you for sharing that story. It always helps to know that you are not the only one going through a rough patch. We all have a connection that way. I know what you mean when you said those guys could play. I hope you and your family are doing okay in these difficult times. Thanks again and God bless!

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