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Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? – Larry Norman

“A Road Less Traveled” puts to rights the misconception that the blues is the devil’s music.


If healing is a key part of the tradition of the blues, Johnny Riley seems on a mission to extend this tradition into the digital age. Johnny Riley is a Army Veteran turned blues-man who’s on a mission to spread the healing powers of the blues. Johnny grew up immersed in the church as the son of a Holiness preacher and his faith is a constant inspiration to his music. His father was a holiness preacher from Texas.

Johnny went into the military in his early twenties and was deployed to the Sini peninsula. Once he returned home he had a hard time forgetting and letting go. He picked up the blues and started playing it more regularly even creating his own original music. As he played and wrote songs he poured out his feelings and experiences into the music. In doing so he was able to find comfort and belonging in the world.

He realized that it was his duty to sing and perform the blues for others so that they may receive some of the benefits from the music that he had. Today Johnny Riley is a professional bluesman with 3 original albums under his belt and thousands of live performances all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

I was born to sing the blues and to entertain people, says Johnny.

A Road Less Traveled”, is where the blues and faith meet. It’s rich in musicality, spirituality and inspiration. The music has an incredible other-worldly effect and his agonized moaning, is ominous, bleak and mysterious.

He captures completely the dual nature of this old spiritual – on the one hand mournful about the trials and tribulations of life, and yet hopeful about the reality of the presence of Jesus in the midst of those trials.

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